Helping Hand Litter Picker Pro – 85cm / 33″


The UK’s biggest-selling litter picker.

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Manufacturer’s info:

The #1 Sustainable Litter Clearance Hand Tool, the Litterpicker Pro is our longest standing litter picking product, and it is easy to see why over 12 million users worldwide have it as their professional litter picker across a wide variety of sectors – from local authorities, to facilities management, waste contractors, business and retails, housing associations, community groups and environmental charities as well as volunteer litter heroes!

The Helping Hand Litterpicker Pro or as it is sometimes known in the litter picking community as a Litter Grabber, Pick Up Stick, or Litter Picker – guarantee’s effective pick-up, lightweight design, easy to use,  whatever the weather, environment and terrain – thanks to it’s trigger style litter picking jaw; perfect for general litter picking tasks.

Our Litterpicker Pro litter picker is used in a variety of locations across the world to pick up litter,  tidy up our streets, local neighbourhoods, parks, beaches, waterways, motorways, leisure facilities, public areas, and school grounds.

The Helping Hand Company are proud to manufacture the Litterpicker Pro.


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