Local Outdoors Organisations

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– Warrington Borough Boundary
– Warrington Ward Boundaries
– Ecology Conservation Groups
– Community Litter Picking Groups
– Community Litter Networks
– Outdoor Activity Organisations

(all mapping is approximate and is provided for rough reference only)

If your organisation is not listed then we would love to hear from you! We aim to inspire and help each other achieve more together!

Clean Up – Local Contacts

This is a live document that relies on community input to ensure it is up to date and useful. Please do contact us to suggest any additions / changes!

Report Fly Tipping and Littering

You can report Fly Tipping and Littering easily to Warrington Borough Council via this page.

You can find out where to report all sorts of other outdoor problems (including overgrown plants) to Warrington Borough Council via this page.

Large Item Removal

Free Options

Recycling Centres – If you have access to a vehicle then you can drive your domestic waste to any of the town’s Recycling Centres to dispose of it for free:

Scrap Metal Merchants – if you have large or small items made mostly of metal then you can contact a licensed Scrap Metal Merchant to have it collected for recycling. Examples include (please let us know of any more):

Trolleys – these often get dumped and are expensive so supermarkets are always pleased to be reunited with them. If you are able to return it to the marked supermarket yourself then of course do so. Otherwise you can report the trolley including its location via the TrolleyWise App – and as long as that organisation has a contract with that supermarket then they will soon collect it and reunite.

Paid Options

Warrington Borough Council have a page for booking paid bulky collections.